Dragon Chess Statue

This is a statue of 27cm height, which combines a dragon's fierceness and artistic delicacy. There is no compromise on any element of the production process. From detailing to colour, all elements of the model are of the highest quality.

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In the general office building, there is a fully equipped lounge area, as well as space to be used freely by anyone working in the building. There is also a relaxed, pleasant environment for meetings and breaks.

Dragon Chess Silver

This is a 5cm height, silver ornament which combines solemnity and elegance. Exceedingly fine detail is achieved due to its meticulous refinement.

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Outside the lounge area, there is a terrace surrounded by lush greenery and European-style buildings, which creates a serene ambience. This space provides a space for relaxation and represents one of the attractions of this office building.

Dragon Chess Crystal

This is a 14cm height crystal ornament which has been entirely reproduced to the finest detail using specialized depiction. The pedestal is equipped with LED lighting, enhancing the beautiful crystal effect when it shines.

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Villard aims to create exquisite products for its customers. In this respect, a comfortable environment is a vital element for creators to concentrate and enhance their creative process.


Being highly specialised in the digital sculpting field, we offer concept art and modeling of various models. It is our strength to provide fast, quality proposals, especially in creature production.

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Tokyo, 108-0073, Japan
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