At Villard, we embrace those seeking to create a sense of real uniqueness in their creations.
We believe that those working in a group of highly-skilled, like-minded individuals will naturally aim higher,
and we feel a sense of competition among peers is a healthy driving force in nurturing greater ambitions for our staff.
Moreover, we are planning to develop original sculptures using 3D printers in the future.
We are seeking professionals with an appreciation for sculpting in analog and digital, who love creature design, and are willing to work in development.
Please contact us and thank you for your interest in Villard.

Keita Okada

Villard Inc. CEO

Keita Okada

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Villard Inc.
2D/3D Concept Artist/Creature Designer/Digital Sculptor for Video Game etc...


ZBrushCentral Top Row Award (2016)
ZBrushCentral Japan Top Row Award (2016)
3DTotal Excellent Award (2016)
3DTotal Excellent Award (2017)
ZBrushCentral Top Row Award (2017)


3D Artist Magazine (2016)
"CGworld" Magazine (2017)
Review of Wacom MobileStudio Pro (posted on HP) (2017)
SENSE ∞ by iiyama (HP posted) (2017)