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Villard Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) shall handle your personal information under this “Privacy Policy”.
Upon using this website, you agree to follow this Privacy Policy. 。

If you disagree with any part of this Privacy Policy, please refrain from using this website.

Regarding Personal Information

Personal information refers to personally identifiable information that includes the following.
・Name, date of birth, gender, occupation, any other personally identifiable information, as well as an address that is associated with personally identifiable information, phone number, account information (such as email address, password, etc.), credit card information, nickname, and other related information.

Regarding Managing Personal Information

The Company shall manage personal information and handle it with care to prevent unauthorized access, loss, leakage, falsification of your personal information.

Regarding the Purpose of Personal Information Use

We shall use the personal information that you provide within the scope necessary for the purpose of use.
・To provide online shopping service on this website.
・To confirm your order and shipping of the online shopping service on this website.
・To research and analyze the amount of usage for each product that the Company produces.
・To research the level of satisfaction for each product that the Company produces.
・To develop the products of this Company.
・To provide announcements for each matter and to provide information on this website.
・To improve the operations of this website.
・To present obtained statistical information as the research results.
・To solve problems that occur on this website operated by the Company.

Regarding Disclosure of Personal Information to a Third Party

We may disclose personal information that you have provided to a third party when the following conditions are met.
・When shipping products of the Company.
・When disclosure of the information being requested by court, government office, the competent authority, and any other public institutions under regulations.
・When entrusting to a third party for the research and analysis of processing personal information statistically.
・When the necessity of disclosure of the information is deemed necessary by the Company.

Regarding Using Cookies


Regarding Privacy Policy

The Company may change this Privacy Policy as necessary. In this case, a certain period of time shall be given to inform the public about the changes, and the new Private Policy shall become effective after the notice period.


Contact information regarding this Privacy Policy shall refer to the seller, address, and phone number whose listing is displayed based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions Law.